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Stories and thoughts to share with our visitors

We all like to hear reviews and what others think about our site.  Although this is not a message board, please send your comments so we can post them.  Thank you for your time and thoughts!


Here are a couple of conversations that I must share with you and how the OPIT Source Book was able to help.


"The following was an e-mail request from a sheriff's department in Western Europe.  A body was found with no identification but the person had an intravenous port in it's chest.  The department sent pictures of the port.  Because of the OPIT Source Book listing the ports and catheters I was able to identify the port and the company who manufactures it. I was told that the ports have "serial numbers" on them and are registered with the patient. I am the middle person in the investigation but I was told the department could now identify the body because of the port.  It was a very exciting time".


" This was a phone call from a nurse in California.  She saw our web site and was looking for a video on how to insert a PICC.  This was a late Friday evening.  She needed the information for the following day.  I asked where she was calling from.  I called one of our participating companies and they happen to have a video. Not only did that the company have a video but was only a 20 minute drive from the person requesting the information.  The company left the video on their doorstep for the nurse to go pick it up.  Happy Camper!


As we progress we would love to share stories.  Please let us know if you have any to share.  Thank you.

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