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At this time, we are in the process of uploading new product and service information.  Because of the delay from the last printed edition of the OPIT Source Book, the information that was listed here on the web site was out of date. Some information was no longer available. Because of delay all information was removed and the links to the companies have been disabled. The companies listed below were all participants from the last edition.  We are looking forward in updating this section with company changes, new product information and keeping you informed at this one-of-a-kind site.  Fast, easy to navigate and up-to-date information so you can spend time less time searching and more time where it is needed - providing excellent patient care.



Vascular Access


Catheters and Ports


  • Bard Access Systems


  • BD Medical Systems


  • Boston Scientific/Medi-Tech@


  • Cook Incorporated


  • Deltec, Inc. (Smiths Medical)


  • HDC Corporated


  • HMP-Horizon Medical Products, Inc.


  • Vygon Corporation


Safe Needles


  • BD Medical Systems


  • B. Braun Medical, Inc.


Needleless Connecting Device/Systems


  • Abbott Laboratories


  • Alaris Medical Systems (IMED/IVAC)

  • BD Medical Systems


  • ICU Medical, Inc.


  • Vygon Corporation




  • Medi-Dose®/EPS® Inc.


Gravity Sets


  • Alaris Medical Systems


IV Dressings


  • 3M


  • BMP, Inc


  • Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation


Prefilled Syringes


  • Abbott Laboratories



IV Disposables


  • Medi-Dose®/EPS® Inc.


Blood Derivatives


  • Blood Diagnostics, Inc.


Prep Swabs


  • BD Medical Systems


Needle Guidance - Ultrasound Devices


  • Bard Access Systems




  • Abbott Laboratories


  • Alaris™ Medical System (IMED®/IVAC®)


  • Baxa Corporation


  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation


  • B. Braun Medical, Inc.


  • Deltec, Inc (Smiths Medical)


  • Excelsior Medical Corporation


  • I-FLOW Corporation


  • Repro-Med Systems, Inc.


Clean Rooms


  • Modular Clean Room


Laminar Flow Equipment - Pharmacy Hoods


  • Germfree Laboratories


Infusion Specialty Services


  • Gentiva Health Services


Computer Software


  • Medi-Dose®/EPS® Inc.


  • Hann's On Software




  • American Society of Health System Pharmacists






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