Welcome to the OutPatient Intravenous Therapy Source Book -

      A one-stop resource to products, services and information available for intravenous infusion therapy

in an outpatient and ambulatory setting!


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How to add the OPIT Web Clip to your APPLE mobile device

First, on your Apple device, open Safari.  Go to our web site, www.opitsourcebook.com.  At the bottom of the screen, Tap on the "share" icon.  The share screen pops up with the share screen and "lets add to home screen.  You can shorten the name under the icon.  When you hit "Add" the icon will show on your home screen.


Now you will have a nice icon that leads you to outpatient and ambulatory intravenous infusion therapy products at your fingertips!


If you have any problems, please let us know.  At this time it only works on Apple products.  An android version will be added when available.


Thank you.  Enjoy!

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