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Vascular Access Catheters

Implantable Vascular Access Ports

Vascular Access Catheters

Circle C™ Chronic and Acute Hemodialysis Catheters provide high flow rates with minimal negative pressure.

  • Available in silicone and polyurethane configurations
  • Trays available, single or dual lumen models
  • Higher Flows, smaller French sizes

Pheres-Flow™ Pheresis Catheter is the first triple lumen long term catheter designed specifically for the BMP/Apheresis patient.
Neostar™ Tunneled Central Venous Catheters are available in single, dual, and triple lumen configurations. The catheters come in a variety of sizes and are made of silicone.
Infuse-A-Cath™ Tunneled Central Venous Catheters are available in both silicone and polyurethane materials, in both single and dual models, and a range in sizes from 2.7 to 10F.

Implantable Vascular Access Ports

  • The LifePort™ line of ports, complemented by the patented bayonet locking mechanism, offers a complete line of venous and arterial ports including a unique 7 French dual low porfile model. A variety of sizes and ctheter materials are available in both preattached and detached options.
  • The Infuse-A-Port™ Access System offers a complete line of venous, arterial, and peritoneal ports all available in polysulfone.
  • The Triumph-1™ Port Access System is a complete line of single, dual, and low profile ports that provide an extra-stengh, 200 p.s.i. rated silicone catheter.
  • The Vortex™ Port is the only access system with a rounded chamber and tangential outlet. These features lead to superior flow characteristics that can aid patient care.
  • The Omega Port line has an omni-directional septum that can be accessed from many angles. The design incorporates a soft, atraumatic, silicone body and catheter for maximum patient comfort.
  • The Titan Port™ System is a conventional port that allows for maximum patient and customer value.


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