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    We are starting the process of marketing our fifth edition of the OPIT Source Book.  Companies will be added as they participate.  Beings that we are just starting the process we have no committed companies at this time but you can view the past supporting companies HERE.   As companies send in their information we will update our site. You can follow us on Twitter or contact us and let us know you want updates by email and we will do so.   This book and site have proven to be a very valuable resource.  Please read "About Us" and why this edition is so special.  If you could like to participate please download the MEDIA KIT.

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    Here, we again are in major redesigning.  There are products and services outdated and no longer available.  These will be flagged and either removed or updated as we go along. Follow us on Twitter and we will keep you updated on new changes.


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  • Conferences


    American Society of

    Health System Pharmacists


    The 49th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition

    December 7 - 11, 2014

    Orange County, CA



    Association for Vascular Access

    Annual Scientific Meeting

    September 26 - 29, 2015

    Dallas, TX



    Intravenous Nursing Society

    2015 INS Annual Convention and Industrial Exhibition

    May 16-21, 2015

    Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, KY



    League of Intravenous Therapy Education Vascular Access Network

    LITEVAN 2015

    April 9 - 10, 2015
    Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

    Farmington, PA


    National Home Infusion Association

    The 2015 NHIA Annual Conference and Exposition

    March 23 - 26, 2015

    Phoenix, AZ



    Oncology Nursing Society

    40th Annual Congress

    April 23 - 26, 2015

    Orlando, FL



    If you know of a conference that you would like to add, please contact us.


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    Abbott Laboratories




    GlaxoSmithKline plc.

    Fujisawa USA, Inc.





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    We are in the process of moving this section over to the new site. This will link you over to our older site where you will find the links to References and Publications.  Some are out-of-date and will be updated as quickly as possible.  Thank you for patience.

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    Here we will add links that we feel might be useful.  Our mission - "A one-stop guide to products and services for outpatient infusion therapy".  Please contact us with a link you might be helpul.  Click here to go to the "Helpful Link" page

Welcome to the OPIT Source Book!


Our condolence to the family and friends of Michael Davidson, MD of Boston, MA.  He was tragically killed by a son of a former patient and then turned the gun on himself.  To read the story, please visit HCP Live.


It has been a long haul since our last edition and updates on the web.  We all experience those life turns - some better, some worse.  The web site has been up and running since 1996.  You will find that companies and their products are in the process of updating.  Some companies have merged, some haveOPIT Source Book Fourth Edition image unfortunately shut down.  I will do my best to contact each and every one of those companies and the new companies that have never participated or known about us.  Hopefully, with all the help from the viewers of this site, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and all involved with infusion therapy will help pass the word how valuable this site and book are.  The OPIT Source Book has proven to be a highly valued site and resource offering products and services for infusion therapy across the globe!


I encourage you click on About Us and read about how OPIT was started and why it is important to continue. This will be a very special edition, dedicated to a physician who started it all, Alan D. Tice, MD, FIDSA an Infectious Disease Physician – a physician, teacher, mentor, friend, who knew how invaluable outpatient infusion therapy is.  I was very fortunate to work with Dr. Tice for 29 years.  A couple months before he passed he told me to keep his work going. So, let it be!  He is missed by all!


This site is meant for a quick resource of where you can find the outpatient intravenous therapy products and services you need without hours of searching - "a one-stop resource center for infusion therapy".  I try to maintain a site that is easy to navigate and not extra "ads" that do not pertain to infusion therapy.  If you can find in your heart to help donate to this project please click the "donate" button".  It has taken a lot of work and expense to basically restart this valuable resource.  I thank all of you for your patience while awaiting a new edition.  If you are interested in a copy of the next edition please see the "Order a Book" for more information.


Now, for the convenience you can add a "web clip" or icon to your home web clip for iphone imagescreen on your Apple device.  Right there at your fingertips!  I'll show you how HERE.  The mobile site is under construction and will be available shortly.  Thank you for your patience.


If you have any questions, comments or ideas to share please contact me. I have added a page where the importance of the book and web site has helped others.  As comments and ideas are shared, with their permission I would like to post them here and share with the rest of the visitors. I am looking forward to the best issue ever and a web site full of important resources right at your fingertips.


Sheri Karanasos, owner imageSheri Karanasos

Owner, Marketing Director





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